AVT, Inc. (AVTC)

629152_avtlogoWhile many companies now riding the Green Rush are relatively new, AVT, Inc has the advantage of coming in with a product line that’s considered ready-made for the market. Since its founding in 2001, the company has been producing and developing vending solutions, from conventional vending machines to customized kiosks. In the cannabis industry, the company’s products are being used for storage, dispensing, and selling.

AVT began as a distributor of vending machines, spending years mastering the niche before becoming a manufacturer itself. In 2008, it started to revolutionize its manufacturing by developing patent technologies to produce more innovative machines.

Currently, the company’s roster of technologies includes audio sensing control, wireless control, real-time backend management, and built-in advertising systems. For the legal marijuana industry, the company also provides “biometrically secure marijuana storage and dispensing systems (sometimes referred to as ‘marijuana vending machines’)” and “sleek automated units that sell a variety of e-cigarette vapor pens”, according to AVT CEO James Winsor.

One of AVT’s better-known endeavors is its partnership with Medbox, Inc, a leading medical dispensing company. AVT helped modify Medbox’s products to make them better suited for use in marijuana facilities, and Medbox has praised AVT for the work it has done.

Outside the cannabis industry, AVT kiosks and machines – such as the Burritobox and Marley Coffee Kiosk – have also gained positive attention.

AVT, Inc is a public company that trades as AVTC in the OTC market and is valued at USD 23.64 million. It is based in Corona, CA. Alongside Winsor, the key executives in the company are Shannon W. Illingworth, Founder and Chairman of Board; Natalie Russell, Chief Financial Officer; Amir Dekel, President; and Ben Wheeler, Director of Sales and Marketing.

AVT, Inc.

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Phone: (877) 424-3663
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Website: http://www.autoretail.com/ or http://www.avtinconline.com/

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