Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. (BED.V)

bedrocan_canada_logo_2502Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. is engaged in the importation, repackaging, and distribution of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis for Canada patients and research. Bedrocan’s cannabis varieties are quality controlled, fully standardized, and produced with patient use and sustainability in mind. The company operates as a licensed producer under Canada’s new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. and Bedrocan BV, its Dutch partner, are leaders in medical cannabis research and innovation of products. For 13 years, both companies have produced and supplied government-regulated medical cannabis. Bedrocan’s cannabis products are free of chemical pesticides, and are produced in a facility that runs on 100% wind power. The pharmaceutical grade cannabis strains of Bedrocan have been used by more than 20,000 patients in Canada and in six other countries.

For over a decade, Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. has worked with government, industry, academic, and NGO partners to study various aspects of the cannabis plant. They study the plant’s make up, chemistry, growth patterns, forms of administration, and how the plant is commonly used by patients. Additionally, they provide raw cannabis or extracts to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, and even sponsor clinical trials with their own cannabis strains.

Currently, Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. supplies medicinal cannabis strains to approximately 1,300 patients in Canada. The five varieties of medicinal cannabis strains offered by the company are Bedrocan, Bedropuur, Bedica, Bediol, and Bedrolite, containing different levels of THC. The company maintains the quality of their cannabis products by adhering to the highest regulatory standards for the production of pharmaceutical plant products, while respecting the expectations of patients and health professionals who will use their products.

Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the stock symbol BED. The company’s leaders are Marc Wayne, CEO; Michael Singer, CFO; Tjalling Erkelens, Chief Production Officer; Hamish Sutherland, COO; Azno Hazecamp, R&D and Education; and Barry Fishman, Board Advisor.

Bedrocan Cannabis Corp.

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PO BOX 89589, Toronto, ON, M4P 3E1

Phone: (416) 943-5800

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