BG Medical Technologies, Inc. (RIGH)

o3qefzdsfmk_bgBG Medical Technologies, Inc. focuses on developing ancillary support services for medical marijuana patients and medical professionals, and in developing research software and technology for cannabis and natural heath solutions. The flagship product of the company is, a social website portal designed to help cannabis patients in selecting medical marijuana according to their specific needs.

BudGenius is also an advanced analytical chemistry laboratory created for cannabis research, and is utilized to determine the potency of certain marijuana strains and safety guidance for dispensaries of cannabis. This web platform is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive online database for cannabis products that are scientifically tested, and serves as a portal that connects marijuana patients to regionally available medical cannabis products.

BG Medical Technologies, Inc. operates its media studio, laboratory, and executive center in Los Angeles, CA, where the world’s highest concentration of medical marijuana dispensaries is located. The technology development centers of BG Medical Technologies, Inc. are located in Ukraine, Philippines, and California.

BG Medical Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded company, is traded on the OTC market under the stock symbol RIGH. The company is embracing data-driven solutions that close the loop between affordable organic treatment programs and cost-effective diagnosis support tools.

BG Medical Technologies

8251 La Palma Ave #432
Buena Park, CA 90620

Phone: (855) 723-3283

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