BreedIt Corp. (BRDT)

breedit-final-logo-websiteBreedIT Corp., through its Israel-based subsidiary BreedIT Ltd., has developed the highly sophisticated Intelligent Decision Support System or IDSS software designed for researchers and plant breeders. BreedIT is the exclusive license holder of the innovative software for agro-breeding solutions. The company has both the software and knowledge to bring science to the growth of legal marijuana.

BreedIt Corp.’s innovative IDSS agro-breeding technology was developed by a team of agro-breeding specialists to provide advanced solutions for knowledge generation and dissemination of cannabis breeding processes. This technology is designed to help breeders in planning, managing, and analyzing their breeding data and in carrying out research activities effectively and quickly. BreedIT’s IDSS optimizes the breeding process for government and research institutions.

BreedIT’s IDSS technology was developed to address the increasing needs for more efficient and higher quality commercial medical cannabis varieties, and for the breeding of new varieties of cannabis.  IDSS can help breeders produce crops in a more exacting manner with more consistent and measurable ingredients, thereby reducing the quantity of undesired or inactive ingredients. This consistency will allow breeders to produce finely-tuned cannabis plants for medicinal purposes.

BreedIT Corp., a publicly traded Delaware corporation, is traded on the OTC market under the stock symbol BRDT. The company, which was founded in 2010, is based in New York, New York. The goal of the company is to enable agro-breeders to perform their researches and tests quickly and effectively and to attain a better return on their investment.  The company’s leaders are Oded Sagee, Founder & CEO; Oded Fruchtman, CFO; Drora Balaga, Chief Product Manager; Oded Gilboa, CFO; and Yoel Yogev, Chairman.

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