Cannabis Technologies, Inc. (CAN/CANLF)

Cannabis-TechnologiesCannabis Technologies, Inc. (CTI), formerly named Meridex Software Corp., is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of cannabis-based therapies, both botanical and non-botanical, through research and development into cannabinoid pharmacology.

The company utilizes their proprietary Intelligent Cannabinoid Drug Design Platform or IDP for identification of the cannabis plant’s new bioactive compounds that have the potential to interact with genes responsible for certain medical conditions and diseases.  The IDP technology utilizes bioinformatics tools to identify chemical compounds from cannabis and non-cannabis plants.

The intellectual properties and extensive researches of CTI will be focused initially on the development of a variety of new cannabinoid-based treatments for ocular diseases, metabolic disease, cancer, angiogenesis, arthritis, pain, inflammation, and orphan diseases such as epilepsy and Huntington’s disease.

The botanical research team of Cannabis Technologies, Inc. has started to develop individual strains and clones that have the potential to produce raw material bases to be utilized for future pharmaceutical researches. The company will take advantage of strain differences in developing drugs for certain diseases while following and implementing environmental and scientific controls.

Cannabis Technologies, Inc. is traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the symbol CAN, and on the OTC market under the stock symbol CANLF. CTI’s proprietary platform technology, product pipeline, accelerated drug discovery, and commercialization development pathway are the company’s fundamental value drivers.  The company’s leaders are Craig Schneider, President & CEO; Sazzad Hossain, Chief Scientific Officer; Hayder Khoja, Botanical Research & Cultivation Director; Terese Giesleman, CFO; Tarek Mansour, Scientific Advisor; Craig Schneider, Director; and Stephen Tong, Director.

Cannabis Technologies, Inc.

#350-409 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6C 1T2

Phone: (604) 669-7207

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