Chlormet Technologies, Inc. (PUF)

PUF_logoChlormet Technologies, Inc., originally named High Ridge Resources, was incorporated in June 2004 and is primarily engaged in the business of evaluating, acquiring, and developing natural resource properties. In March 2014, Chlormet acquired an interest of 16.5% in AAA Heidelberg, an Ontario-based growing company that uses all-natural nutrients, and carefully monitors and nurtures young plants to ensure pest-free, healthy vegetation.

Over the years, AAA Heidelberg has developed superior growing methods for high quality yields. Since December 2013, the company has had an application pending for an MMPR license for the production of a maximum of 1,320 pounds of medical marijuana in the first year.

Chlormet Technologies, Inc. entered into an agreement with Washington state’s Babcock Bench Farms LLC in June 2014 to lease building, equipment, and property in support of Babcock’s state-approved production of marijuana. Babcock has obtained approval for a Tier 3 marijuana producer and processor license in the state of Washington. The master growers at Babcock anticipate production of up to 2,150 pounds of dried medical marijuana per quarter.

Chlormet Technologies, Inc. is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the stock symbol PUF. With an experienced management team, Chlormet focuses on developing a diverse portfolio of projects. The company’s leaders are Yari Nieken, Interim President & CEO; Chris Hornung, Director; and Ian Foreman, Director.

The main objective of Chlormet Technologies, Inc. is to add shareholder value through joint ventures, cost-efficient acquisitions, and effective marketing strategies while maintaining a low-risk profile. The company’s goal is to become a publicly traded Canadian company with a license for production of medical marijuana.

Chlormet Technologies, Inc.

409 Granville St
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Phone: (604) 678-2531

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