FusionPharm, Inc. (FSPM)

main_hdr_img1FusionPharm, Inc is one of the indoor farming companies that have started to serve the cannabis industry as it booms. The company develops, manufactures, and sells a vertical farming system called PharmPod, and also provides other ancillary services to cultivators.

PharmPod is a trademarked and patent-pending brand name for FusionPharm’s line of cultivation containers for indoor farming. The PharmPods are made of steel shipping containers which are repurposed into modular and stackable indoor planters. They are sold to businesses, universities, and individual end-consumers.

FusionPharm is also establishing a Denver, Colorado cultivation center called PharmPlex where vegetables and fruits will be vertically grown using PharmPods.

The company is partnering with Colorado vegetable grower Vertifresh for the agricultural knowledge and distribution network to be used by PharmPlex. Aside from this, FusionPharm’s partnerships include those with Circle Fresh Farms and the Veterans to Farmers initiative.

While the PharmPods are FusionPharm’s primary product, the company also offers consulting and financing to cultivation professionals as well as medical cannabis enterprises. Among its most recent endeavors is the consulting and financing of The Greeneway Wellness Foundation, a dispensary of medical marijuana treatments in Massachusetts.

FusionPharm was founded as Sunport Medical Corp in 1990. It then changed its name to Argent Capital Corp, Sequioa Interests Corp, and Baby Bee Bright Corp, before it arrived to its current name.

Today, FusionPharm trades as FSPM in OTC markets and is valued at USD 1.38 M. It is based in Commerce City, Colorado and its key executives are Scott Dittman, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President; Guy M. Jean-Pierre, Secretary and Legal Counsel; Gino Rodrigues, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; and Andrew R. Duke, Executive Vice President.

FusionPharm, Inc.

5850 E 58th Ave, Unit F
Commerce City, Colorado 80022

Phone: (720) 458-0686
Fax: (720) 458-0687
Email: info@fusionpharminc.com
Website: http://fusionpharminc.com/

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