Green and Hill Industries, Inc. / Ross’ Gold (GHIL)

GHILGreen and Hill Industries, Inc. is doing business in the medical marijuana industry as Ross’ Gold, and focuses on the distribution of medical marijuana through their online retail channels. The company licenses its established brand through partnerships with licensed producers of medical cannabis strains in Canada. Ross’ Gold is the first premium medical cannabis, which was launched in tandem with the changes in legislation by the Canadian government.

Ross’ Gold offers a variety of medical cannabis strains within a tiered podium level known as Ross’ Bronze, Ross’ Silver, Ross’ Gold, and Ross’ Platinum with specific levels of THC/CBD for specific illnesses and ailments. The company also offers a line of retail clothing available at their website, and is under a pre-development contract with one of the major Canadian production companies for a proposed television series with a tentative title of Ross’s Gold.

Ross’ Gold, which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is traded in the OTC market under the stock symbol GHIL. The company was founded in 2008, and was formerly known as Bluewave Group, Inc. In August 2013, it changed its name to Green and Hill Industries, Inc.

A leader in the medical cannabis industry, Ross’ Gold seeks to provide the best possible medicine for people with medical requirements and to promote a healthy lifestyle to patients.  The first priority of Ross’ Gold is to meet the treatment needs of the medical cannabis community.

Green and Hill Industries, Inc. (dba Ross’ Gold)

102A-1075 Bay Street
Suite 254
Toronto, ONT M5S2B2

Phone: (647) 478-3603

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