Greengro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH)

greengro-logoGreengro Technologies is a green sector company that designs, manufactures, and sells plant-growing systems. Its primary offering is its line of vertical growing technologies and products, which are now also being marketed in the medical and recreational cannabis sectors.

The vertical plant-growing systems provided by Greengro can be applied for indoor or outdoor farming. Products range from individual vertical towers, which are specially designed stacks of planters, to fully equipped “Gro Rooms”, which are custom modular spaces outfitted for vertical growing.

Greengro also provides design consulting to customers wanting to cultivate a farm indoors or outdoors. Among the company’s areas of expertise are hydroponics, lighting setups, room construction, and climate control.

Aside from these, Greengro also owns a retail brand called Vertical HydroGarden. It sells year-round growing supplies, from hydroponic containers, irrigation, flux lighting, ventilation, and plant nutrients, all the way to garden accessories.

Greengro’s customer base includes individual end-users, community gardens, and commercial clients such as restaurants. While it is based in Anaheim, California, the company now aims to capitalize on the marijuana market in Colorado by establishing a distribution center in Denver.

The company’s history dates back to 1989, when it was incorporated as Starlight Acquisitions, Inc. It changed its name to Toucan Gold Corp in 1996, then to Authoriszor, Inc 1999. It again changed to Greengro Technologies in 2010.

Greengro Technologies currently trades in the OTC market under the symbol GRNH. It is currently valued at USD 18.19 M. The company is led by James M. Haas, CEO and Chairman; Owen M. Naccarato, CFO and Legal Counsel; and David L. Rudat, COO and Director. The advisory board includes Christopher Glew, Marijuana Attorney; Rafael Q. Quezada, Aquaculturist; and Nancy L. Caruso, Marine Biologist.

Greengro Technologies, Inc.

1100 Orangefair Lane Unit I
Anaheim, CA 92801

Phone: (714) 367-6538
Fax: (714) 441-1409

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GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (OTC:GRNH), an established provider of eco-friendly green technologies for the cannabis industry, announced today that the Company has been awarded its Hemp Cultivation and Storage License required for full scale CBD production at the newest four-acre parcel of real estate in Southern California. With sights set on the solid growth of its newest division, the CBD Ventures and Genobreeding Divisions are moving forward on the propagation of feminized low-THC, high-CBD hemp seeds. Management expects its hemp seed farming venture to be fully operational and producing upon conclusion of fourth quarter.

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GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH), a leading provider of eco-friendly green technologies for the cannabis industry, today announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Burden, was interviewed last week on NBC Channel 4 News and Fox News Channel 11 relating to the Company’s announcement that it will be converting a 160-acre property in Nevada into a hemp farm and research facility.  A link to the news clip can be found by visiting  GreenGro to Convert 160-Acre Nevada Property on NBC and FOX News.

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