Maple Leaf Green World, Inc. (MGW)

mlgwMaple Leaf Green World, Inc, an ecological agriculture business, is one of the unique companies that recently entered the marijuana space. Most of the company’s endeavors tackle ecological issues such as reforestation and renewable energy, and it plays its role by providing agricultural solutions. Its foray into the marijuana industry focuses on cultivation.

Though a Canadian company, Maple Leaf Green World is registered as a wholly owned foreign enterprise, and its projects are mostly in China.

One of these projects was called the Inner Mongolia Greenhouse Project. It was an effort to mitigate desertification in several parts of China, and Maple Leaf contributed by cultivating and selling tree seedlings. The company did so through its subsidiary Inner Mongolia Maple Leaf Restoration Co Ltd. This subsidiary operated two greenhouses of Chinese and Dutch technologies, and it was eventually sold to a Canadian private group.

Maple Leaf also contributes to yellowhorn tree projects, which are conducted in China’s Jimsar county and in several areas in Europe. Yellowhorn trees are deemed useful in a variety of applications such as providing biodiesel, anti-desertification, medication, and cooking. Maple Leaf’s involvement is in the distribution of this tree’s products.

Aside from these ecological projects, Maple Leaf’s business includes the marketing and distribution of various agricultural products. In China, for instance, the company markets peat pellets from Ellepress and distributes peat moss from Agro Balt.

In July 2014, Maple Leaf Green World submitted its license application under Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). In addition, the company announced the following September that it will open a medical cannabis grow operation in the US.

Maple Leaf Green World started in 2005 as Maple Leaf Restoration, Inc. With a market cap of CAD 5.41 M, it is now listed as MGW in the TSX Venture Exchange.

The company is led by CEO and President Raymond Lai, alongside CFO Daniel Chu and VP of Operations Joe Wong (who is also Head of Medical Marijuana Project).

Maple Leaf Green World, Inc.

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