Medbox, Inc. (MDBX)

MedBoxLogoMedbox, Inc is one of the leading companies offering dispensing and storage solutions for medical and retail industries, including the medicinal marijuana industry. The company has patents or pending patents for technologies such as the control systems used in their products.

The foremost product of the company is the Medbox machine, a vending machine-like dispensing unit used in hospitals, pharmacies, and the like. It features a biometric identification system where users or consumers are pre-registered and have to provide their fingerprint sample to use the machine. This allows the dispensing institution to track usage and manage an inventory, and it also limits abuse among users.

Other products of Medbox, Inc using similar identification technologies are the Safe Access Storage Locker, the Medbox Rx Lockbox, and the Medbox Sample-Safe. The Medbox OTC Machine, on the other hand, is a non-biometric dispensing unit for common ‘convenience store’ products like cough drops, toothbrushes, and lotions.

Aside from these machines, Medbox, Inc also provides ancillary services to individuals and groups in the pharmaceutical industry, especially those concerning alternative medicines such as medicinal cannabis. Among these services are consulting, armored transport, real estate acquisition, and dispensary management.

The history of Medbox, Inc goes back to 1977, when it was founded as Rabatco, Inc. It was deregistered in 2003, and then traded as MindfulEye, Inc. In 2011, the company finally changed its name to Medbox, Inc.

Today, Medbox, Inc is traded in the OTC market as MDBX, with a market cap of USD 312.11 M. Key executives in the company are P. Vincent Mehdizadeh, Founder and Senior Strategist; Guy M. Marsala, CEO and President; Thomas Iwanski, CFO; William R. Smith III, VP of Sales & Marketing; and Matthew Feinstein, VP and Director.

Medbox, Inc.

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Phone: (866) 592-5890

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