Next Generation Management Corp. (NGMC)

finallogo1Next Generation Management Corp, an energy company, is one of the recent additions to the marijuana industry, particularly the medical marijuana sector. While the company retains its business in energy, its focus today is on cannabis retail and cultivation. It has stated that this is “its most recent and promising direction.”

The company has a wholly owned subsidiary named NextGen Cannabis Consulting LLC, which caters to the cannabis space. This subsidiary currently operates a marijuana dispensary located in Los Angeles, California, and is also intending to expand into Oregon.

NextGen Cannabis Consulting’s initial revenues come from providing end-to-end management services to marijuana dispensaries. Such services include facility management, staffing, supply chain technologies, and security. In addition, the company has partnered with BioTrackTHC, a software company that provides seed-to-sale technologies for cannabis management, compliance, and sales.

Meanwhile, the energy division of the company continues to operate under the name Next Generation Energy Corporation. Its business is exploring and developing petroleum and natural gas properties in the US. It is through this division that Next Generation owns Knox Gas LLC, an acquired collection of oil and gas leases in Knox County, Kentucky.

Next Generation started as far back as 1980, when it was founded. Over the years, it operated under various names such as Micro Tech Industries, Next Generation Media Corporation, and Next Generation Energy Corporation. Under this last name, in March 2014, it started to commit to the marijuana industry, and the following June, it change its name to Next Generation Management Corporation.

Today, Next Generation is traded as NGMC in the OTC markets, with a market cap of USD 2.76 M.

The top executive at Next Generation Management Corp is Darryl Reed, the President, Chairman, CEO, CFO, as well as Principal Accounting Officer. He is joined by Director of Franchise Relations Kim M. Agger.

Next Generation Management Corp. (NGMC)

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