Nuvilex, Inc. (NVLX)

nuvilexNuvilex, Inc is one of the biotech companies that have recently forayed into the medical marijuana space. With its trademarked Cell-in-a-Box technology, the company aims to use cannabinoids, a chemical constituent of marijuana, to develop a “green” approach to treating certain deadly diseases.

Cell-in-a-Box is a type of live-cell encapsulation technology. Live-cell encapsulation is a process wherein living cells are wrapped together in a “capsule” and then implanted into a patient’s body to either activate disease-fighting drugs or fight the disease themselves. Nuvilex’s capsules are touted as different from those of others because the company uses cellulose to enclose cells. This makes the capsules more efficient to be stored, implanted, and used in the human body.

Nuvilex is clinically developing live-cell encapsulation for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes. For the cancers, the technology is made to activate the common cancer-fighting drugs ifosfamide and cyclophosphamide in patients’ bodies. For diabetes, the cells being encapsulated are pancreatic islet cells, which can reduce insulin dependence.

More recently, the biotech outfit has started testing cannabinoids in place of conventional drugs for cell-activated cancer treatment.

Aside from its medical research and development, the company also sells its names, nutraceutical formulations, and information technology to other companies.

Nuvilex has been in healthcare since its founding in 1996. It was formerly known as until it changed to its current name in 2009. In 2013, it created the subsidiary Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc to focus on its development of cannabis treatments.

The company now trades as NVLX in OTC markets, and is valued at USD 171 M. Its key executives are Patricia Gruden, Chairman and CFO; Kenneth L. Waggoner, CEO and President; Dr. Gerald W. Crabtree, COO and Director; Dr. Robert F. Ryan, Chief Scientific Officer; and Timothy Matula, President of Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc.

Nuvilex, Inc.

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