Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. (RFMK)

rapid-fire-marketing1Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc. is a publicly traded company that develops and sells vapor inhalers. Its products are made with its own Vapor Inhaler (VI) technology, which it claims is a disruptive technology for medical cannabis patients as well as nicotine and herb users.

The VI technology makes the inhalers smokeless, nearly odor-free, and without the health risks of actual smoking. The products, sold online, can be used to vaporize herbs, nicotine, oils, and the tetrohydrocannabinol from medical marijuana.

The company’s main product is the CANNAcig vapor inhaler. This personal vaporizer is touted as more effective than most in the market because it has a microprocessor chip that controls temperature for optimal vaporizing. The CANNAcig, however, is available only in select countries and US states.

Another product of Rapid Fire Marketing is the Cumulus vapor inhaler. It is similar to the CANNAcig, but is designed for tobacco juices and other herbal extracts. This product is available worldwide.

Rapid Fire Marketing also sells follow-on products such as the Pocket Puffer (which is a dry herbal vaporizer), the Power Pocket Puffer, and vaporizer parts and accessories.

Though the vapor inhalers are its main business, Rapid Fire Marketing has started in the later part of 2013 to transition into becoming a holding company for several others.

The company was founded in 1989 and was formerly known as Ponder Industries, Inc and N-Vision Technology, Inc. In 2007, it was incorporated and became Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.

Today, the Carson City, Nevada-based company trades in OTC markets as RFMK, and is valued at USD 3.35 M. It is led by Thomas Allinder, CEO, President, and Principal Financial Officer, alongside Gary Gordon, Vice President of Sales and Product Development.

Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.

311 West Third St.
Suite 1234
Carson City, NV 89701

Phone: (775) 461-5127
Email: info@rapid-fire-marketing.com
Website: http://www.rapid-fire-marketing.com

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