Leading The Charge For Reversal in Market Trend Are Small Cap Stocks

imageThe result is that the overall quantity of legal cannabis products has increased and can now be produced by their facility. Stephen Shearin, American Green president stated, “Now that Herbal Elements is approved to sell both recreational and medical products, we’ll be able to greatly expand our patient, customer, and wholesaler relationships which we believe will also lead to an increase in brand awareness.”

During Thursday’s market session, the stock traded a total of 193,796,384 shares and saw prices range from lows of $0.002 to highs of $0.0045 before closing up 58.33% from the open at $0.0038.

Eventure Interactive, Inc. has been on an upward trend since Tuesday when shares hit lows of $0.0011. Since then the stock price has risen to highs of $0.0023; a difference of 109.1% within the matter of 3 trading days. The company recently announced that it will withdraw the PRER14C Information Statement that would have otherwise increased the company’s common stock authorized share amount.

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