Taking a Closer Look at Medical Marijuana Legalization

Missouri medical marijuana advocates collected signatures, falling just short of the required amount to end up on the November ballot.

NORML KC,one group advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana, said the group will continue pushing to get it on a future ballot.

One NORML KC member, Candace Baier, said she joined the group on behalf of her 6-year-old son, Harper Goldsby.

Harper has severe progressive epilepsy, meaning he has tons of seizures every day. Baier said he used to have between 300-500 seizures a day when he was a baby. She said the number is still high, but lower now. She does not have an exact count.

“There’s so many variations of epilepsy. There will be people walking around like you and I who are able to take medication to control their seizures. There’s people like Harper who have seizure after seizure all day every day,” Baier said.

She said medical marijuana has helped other kids with epilepsy in states that have legalized and would like to be able to see if it could help Harper.

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