Against One Wall, Refrigerators Contain Edibles Such As Marijuana-infused Lemon Bars.

“There is no statute that requires tinted windows or bars – it’s because of that feeling that this is an illicit product,” Bierman said. Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Modlin said he looked to retailers such as Apple and even restaurants for ideas. Instead of queuing up, shoppers are encouraged to browse the Green Rush store on their own. Against one wall, refrigerators contain edibles such as marijuana-infused lemon bars. On the other, open shelves and hooks hold a variety of products, including cannabis patches for pets. On custom-built wooden tables, cannabis strains are displayed in clear circular containers – dubbed “bud pods” – with built-in magnifying glasses allowing for closer inspection. By pulling a small tab. shoppers can take a sniff (Modlin said sanitation is his pet peeve at old-school dispensaries, where customers shove their hands into open jars of product). Each pod is stealthily secured by a cable, like the laptops at an Apple store.

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