Cannabis policy reform: driving change in America and across the world

Dr Frank D’Ambrosio speaks to Health Europa to explain how he came to be not only an advocate, but an advisor on cannabis policy reform.
For 20 years Dr Frank D’Ambrosio was an orthopaedic surgeon – so why in recent years has he completely changed course and established a clinic in California to prescribe cannabis as a medicine? Dr D’Ambrosio is now a passionate campaigner and advocate fighting for cannabis policy reform, and cannabis to be recognised for its medicinal benefits and has travelled extensively to spread the word, advising governments and even the World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence.

Health Europa spoke to D’Ambrosio about his experience as being one of the first to recognise the medicinal benefits of cannabis and specifically it’s potential as a substance which could replace opioid use for chronic pain which so often leads to dependence. Here he tells us his inspiring story, explaining how he came to discover cannabis’ potential, tackling the lingering stigma, and why he often advises incorporating it into cooking.

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