Marijuana Stocks: Medical Marijuana-Related Companies Play Center

It’s not a medical marijuana company, but has enjoyed the rise of the drug’s popularity. The company’s website specifies: “Our company, Medicine Dispensing Systems, is not a medical marijuana dispensary or patient group and does not provide medical marijuana to patients. We are a full-service medical marijuana dispensary consulting firm operating in the United States… We offer medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation center consulting, operational training, and legal support.”

The play? Medical dispensing. If the marijuana industry goes belly up, Medbox remains afloat. Consider the country’s climate (and your next move) as per the latest headlines:

  • “Parents leading charge for medical marijuana” (Des Moines Register, Iowa): Reports indicate that Iowa lawmakers “are poised in the waning days of the 2014 legislation to legalize or at least decriminalize a form of marijuana that relieves symptoms for severely epileptic children. If they actually pull it off, it’ll mark one of the most surprising turnabouts in recent Iowa legislative history.”
  • “Illinois medical marijuana rules unveiled; $100 for patient card ” (Crains Chicago Business): “Illinois regulators crafting the first rules for the state’s new medical marijuana industry have lowered patient fees and deleted a section that angered gun owners.
  • The Huffington Post reports supporters mobilizing for Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Investors should be looking to those who will supply infrastructure and product alone. They’re not “marijuana companies” or even “marijuana stocks” — they’re the next layer of the movement.

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