Natural Cannabis Odor Control: Q&A with OMI Industries’ Dr. Laura Haupert

Natural Cannabis Odor Control: Q&A with OMI Industries’ Dr. Laura Haupert

Whether a cannabis cultivator is growing outdoors, in a greenhouse or in an indoor facility, odor can quickly become an issue. It’s imperative for operations to consider and implement odor control technology in the initial buildout, before neighbors are affected.

Cannabis Business Times: How does OMI’s odor control solution work? Can you provide a brief overview of the science behind it?

Dr. Laura Haupert: We developed Ecosorb CNB 100 specifically for control of cannabis grow odors. Like all our products, Ecosorb CNB 100 is a blend of natural plant oils, which is the part of the plant that gives it its odor. We only use steam-distilled plant oils, which means, for example, if you had a pine tree and you had a pine cone, you would take that pine cone and heat it with water to pull the oil off. That’s a simplified version, but it’s essentially what we do to isolate the natural oils. We only use plant oils that are removed that way. You can also extract the plant oils using solvents, but solvents can react with the plant oils, producing new hazardous compounds, and we don’t want to affect the natural plant oils.

CBT: What is the significance of using natural ingredients in an odor control solution? Why are these ingredients safe and effective?

LH: We use natural plant oils because they are very effective at removing odors. We also use plant-based ingredients to ensure a level of safety for all those who may use or come into contact with our products. Because we use plant-based ingredients, our products are non-toxic.

CBT: How can cannabis cultivators effectively explain their odor control efforts to regulators? How can they work with the community and key stakeholders on the issue?

LH: We have a team internally that does odor testing. This team goes out into the field to measure odor units and give customers a real-time analysis of their current odor unit level. If you’re at a greenhouse and your nearest neighbor is 100 feet away, we could send that team out to your nearest neighbor and show them how much of the odor is being reduced.

CBT: How can cultivators prevent complaints initially?

LH: The key is to implement an odor control solution from the start because you know the plant is going to create odor. You can’t stop that from happening. Every plant gives off its natural essence, and that’s going to happen no matter what strains of cannabis you grow. If your nearest neighbor is 20 miles away, sure, you might not need odor control, but most of the time, your nearest neighbor is a lot closer than that.

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for style, length and clarity.

Published at Tue, 03 Dec 2019 18:44:00 +0000